• Looking for a software to increase efficiency?

    See the potential for optimizing your production processes?

    • Create transparency of the material and energy flows within your production system
    • Identify cost drivers for processes, material, and energy within the production system
    • Effectively communicate the potential for cost savings with the help of Sankey diagrams
  • Looking for a tool for Life Cycle Assessment?

    Need a powerful software to perform analysis intuitively?

    • Use ecoinvent 3 (current version ecoinvent 3.1) and GaBi LCI databases
    • Create clear and concise graphic models of your product life cycle
    • Present your LCA results with compelling tables, graphics, and Sankey diagrams

    Need easy and convenient software to determine a carbon footprint?


    • Quick and easy determination of the climate impact produced by products and companies
    • Several thousand carbon footprints (CO2-eq.) for raw materials, intermediate products, energy sources, and energy supply are instantly at your fingertips
    • Supports common standards such as GHG Protocol, ISO/TS 14067, and PAS 2050
  • Looking for an all-in-one solution?

    You require support for ecological as well as economic aspects?

    • Combine environmental and cost perspectives in one model
    • Analyze and improve the eco efficiency of your products and manufacturing processes
    • Utilize all functions from Umberto NXT LCA and Umberto NXT Efficiency