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Umberto Trainings

06/07/2016 to 06/08/2016

Umberto NXT CO2 training in Hamburg

This training provides you with the information how to model carbon footprints with our software.


06/14/2016 to 06/15/2016

Umberto NXT Efficiency training in Hamburg

2-day practical software training for modelling material and energy flows in a production process....


Transparently model and calculate material and energy flows in the production process and the associated cost - Umberto NXT EfficiencyCalculate the carbon footprint using a database with more than 3000 carbon rucksacks (GWP100a values) - Umberto NXT CO2 Intuitive modelling and calculation of a product life cycle assessment - with Umberto NXT LCACalculate environmental impacts, do Life Cycle Costing (LCC) and improve efficiency in production systems - with Umberto NXT Universal

Optimize your production processes and increase your energy and resource efficiency

Know all material and energy flows in production process system

Graphical modelling of material and energy flows in the production line.

By building the graphical Umberto model you create transparency and gain a comprehensive understanding of the production system at hand. Sankey diagrams help visualizing material and energy flows.

Cost calculation based on the material and energy flow model

Use resources efficiently, reduce costs

Material efficiency is a key to competitiveness of your company when raw material prices are rising. Umberto NXT will show you how resource and energy use are linked and where you are loosing money. Material flow cost accounting (MFCA) is a tool that will help you reduce waste and lower costs.

The software assists you in detecting inefficiencies and improve resource efficiency.

Resource efficiency: KPIs help to reduce material and energy consumption, reduce costs.

Analyse and assess optimization measures

On the basis of the modeled scenarios, you can answer the question what the effects of  improvement measures will be, and whether planned changes will help you reach material and energy saving goals.

Key performance indicators (KPIs) allow assessing the current situation, and comparing it to an optimized, more efficient production system. When will you break-even on the cost for the improvement measures?

Sustainable production is possible!

The models you build of your production process in Umberto link process engineering knowledge with a cost saving and green manufacturing system perspective. Tackle energy recovery, material re-use, recycling, material substitution and waste reduction now. Optimize production in regard to environment and cost.

Sustainable production is possible: Umberto NXT Efficiency will help you achieve.

Functions in Umberto NXT Efficiency

What are my options when using Umberto NXT Efficiency for modeling?

  • Linear and non-linear process specifications
  • Freely defined parameters
  • Calculation of Carbon Footprint with GWP data (ecoinvent 2.2 GWP, PAS 2050, BioGrace)
  • Process specifications with user-defined functions (mathematical formulas)
  • Save model sections in the module gallery for later reuse
  • Integrate inventories and inventory changes
  • Export and Import of Linear Specifications as Excel file in the form of an aggregated input/output table

What are my options when using cost calculation in Umberto NXT Efficiency?

  • Free definition of cost types and cost plans
  • Unit cost accounting
  • Material direct costs
  • Process costs
  • Assign fixed and variable costs to each cost center

What kind of reports can I generate to display analysis and results?

  • Mass and energy balances for the entire system as well as for sub-systems
  • Analysis based on processes, products, flows
  • Display cost analysis in tables or graphs
  • Export of all result data to Microsoft Excel
  • Sankey diagrams of cost, energy, and mass flows
  • Sankey diagram graphics export is quick and easy

Where do I find help when learning to use Umberto NXT Efficiency?

  • The 3-part tutorial gives you step-by-step support when learning the software
  • The handbook lets you look up all basic methods and functions
  • Online help is available for quick answers
  • Get help from the Umberto community in the my Umberto Forum and find answers online  in our FAQ'S. Visit our support websiteundefined for that.
  • We regularly schedule public trainings, individual training via web, and in-house training. These are the best options to learn about Umberto NXT Efficiency

Can Umberto NXT Efficiency be linked with other programs?

  • Using the Live Link to Microsoft Excel allow referencing cell values in Excel and link them to flows, coefficients or parameters in Umberto NXT models. Changes in the workbook are updated live.  
  • Interfaces to ERP systems such as SAP/R3 can be achieved through customizing Umberto
  • For the repeated transfer of large amounts of data into Umberto models from various data sources, the Umberto Customizing Team can develop a convenient solution

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