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Umberto Trainings

06/07/2016 to 06/08/2016

Umberto NXT CO2 training in Hamburg

This training provides you with the information how to model carbon footprints with our software.


06/14/2016 to 06/15/2016

Umberto NXT Efficiency training in Hamburg

2-day practical software training for modelling material and energy flows in a production process....


Transparently model and calculate material and energy flows in the production process and the associated cost - Umberto NXT EfficiencyCalculate the carbon footprint using a database with more than 3000 carbon rucksacks (GWP100a values) - Umberto NXT CO2 Intuitive modelling and calculation of a product life cycle assessment - with Umberto NXT LCACalculate environmental impacts, do Life Cycle Costing (LCC) and improve efficiency in production systems - with Umberto NXT Universal

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) with professional software

Product life cycle in a graphical model

Comprehensive Life Cycle Assessment at its best

Umberto NXT LCA supports ISO compliant Life Cycle Assessments and Footprints. Thanks to the graphical modelling you quickly get a clear overview of your product life cycle. Based on that model you perform reliable calculations of your product's environmental impacts with just a few clicks.

Excellent usability of our LCA software is a high priority for us: Functions such as the simple transfer of models through Copy & Paste and the Undo/Redo feature facilitate your daily work of conducting a life cycle analysis.

Select datasets from the ecoinvent or GaBi LCI database and just drag them into your LCA model

Integrated ecoinvent and GaBi databases

The background data forms the backbone of any successful Life Cycle Assessment. More than 11.500 datasets from the ecoinvent 3.2 LCI database and 7.000 more in 20 GaBi LCI databases are available in Umberto NXT LCA. With this variety of LCI databases the appropriate datasets will be at your hand. Even the research of upstream processes is possible without effort using the Expand function. Try it when testing the software. 

Using established methods for impact assessment

Which impact indicators are most important to you? Decide for yourself! Of course, Umberto NXT LCA supports the familiar Life Cycle Impact Assessment (LCIA) methods such as ReCiPe, Impact 2002+, Eco-Indicator 99, IPCC, TRACI, USeTox, and many more. 

Show visually where in the life cycle the environmental impact occurs

Presenting environmental potentials in a nutshell

You want to visualize the results of your Life Cycle Assessment project convincingly and in a straight forward way? Then you should show the environmental impacts of your product as a Sankey diagram. This will help you to display the relevant findings and communicate them. 

Life Cycle Analysis with transparency

All calculations made in Umberto NXT LCA are transparent, all datasets can be examined. Consequently, the scientific expectation when conducting a Life Cycle Assessment project is met. Moreover, it gives you the good feeling to know how the results are generated. Several publications explain the concept of Umberto and its method of calculation.

Functions in Umberto NXT LCA

Which data can I use in Umberto NXT LCA?

  • ecoinvent 3.2 with over 11500 integrated LCI datasets, easy-to-use
  • GaBi databases with more than 6.500 datasets available optionally
  • All datasets are adaptable, transparent and well documented
  • Originality of datasets is verified for reviewing purposes
  • Module gallery for saving individual processes and partial models, time-saving reuse in other models

What are my options when building a life cycle model in Umberto NXT LCA?

  • Life cycle phases as graphical elements, adjustable in number and name
  • Linear and non-linear process specifications with parameters
  • Process specifications with user-defined functions enable the modeling of mathematical relationships
  • Hierarchical modeling structure (any number of subnet levels)
  • Copy&Paste and Undo&Redo are available for editing
  • Export and Import of Linear Specifications as Excel file in the form of an aggregated input/output table

Which methods for Life Cycle Impact Assessment (LCIA) can I choose?

  • ReCiPe, Impact 2002+, Eco-Indicator 99, CML, TRACI, IPCC and many other indicator systems are integrated with the software
  • Individual KPIs of different indicator systems can be freely combined
  • You choose which impact indicators will be used to display the results

What kind of reports can I generate to display results?

  • Mass and energy inventories for the entire life cycle model as well as for custom-defined sub-systems
  • Break down results by phases, by material groups, by processes, ...
  • Export of all life cycle inventories (LCI) and LCIA results to Microsoft Excel
  • Sankey diagrams and all result graphics can be exported quickly and easily

Where do I get help when working with Umberto NXT LCA?

  • The tutorial allows learning the software with practical examples
  • Comprehensive user manual describing all functions of the software
  • Online help for quick answers
  • Get help from other users in the Umberto community at my.Umberto.deundefined
  • Public trainings, individual webtrainings, and in-house trainings are available

Can Umberto NXT LCA be linked with other programs?

  • Live Link to Microsoft Excel: Dynamic update of Umberto models using references into Microsoft Excel workbooks
  • Linking to ERP systems such as SAP/R3 is possible
  • Integration with sustainability management tools such as WeSustain or Enablon can be implemented by the Umberto Customizing Team in cooperation with our partners
  • For repeated transfer of data from external sources to Umberto models import routines can be provided, please contact us

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