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Material Flow Cost Accounting with professional software

Material Flow Cost Accounting – the first step towards resource efficiency in your business

Material flow cost accounting (MCFA) is a method that has been standardized to meet ISO 14051 guidelines. It is the perfect first step to achieve maximum resource efficiency in your production process and focuses specifically on exposing inefficiencies and material losses.

Read more about the method and learn about individual success stories here

Calculating the true cost of material losses

In addition to classic cost analysis, which looks at cost per product, Umberto NXT MFCA identifies how much can be saved if material losses can be reduced or eliminated.

With the MCFA method, costs are not merely allocated to the product itself, but proportionately to all material and energy losses. The use of this method helps to visualize the ‘hidden’ costs, which can often be even more than the pure production cost itself. 

Result visualization of material flows and costs via Sankey diagrams and a cost matrix

Just how expensive are the losses a business absorbs in a given production cycle? This is most easily shown with the help of flow and Sankey diagrams. You can show all material and energy flows (or just those of a specific product) and their associated costs with Sankey diagrams, either in classic or in MCFA view. This allows you to compare the results at a glance and focus on the potential for improvement.

Making greenhouse gas emissions from losses visible

In addition to analyzing the cost of material loss, the tool can also examine the climate impact of products and its losses. Simply use the integrated Global Warming Potential (GWP) ecoinvent 2.2 database. The results will be evaluated in a GWP matrix and can also be displayed as Sankey diagrams.

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Functions in Umberto NXT MFCA

What are my options when using Umberto NXT MFCA for modeling?

  • For production processes up to 25 processes and up to 100 variables per process
  • Freely defined parameters
  • Calculation of Carbon Footprint with GWP data (ecoinvent 2.2 GWP)
  • Process specifications with user-defined functions (mathematical formulas)
  • Save model sections in the module gallery for later reuse
  • Integrate inventories and inventory changes

What are my options when using cost calculation in Umberto NXT MFCA?

  • Material flow cost accounting (Calculation of true costs associated to material losses)
  • Unit cost accounting
  • Free definition of cost types
  • Direct material costs
  • Waste management costs
  • Process costs
  • Assign variable costs to each cost center

What kind of reports can I generate to display analysis and results?

  • Mass and energy balances for the entire system as well as for sub-systems
  • Analysis based on processes, products, flows
  • Display cost analysis in tables or graphs
  • Export of all result data to Microsoft Excel
  • Sankey diagrams of cost, energy, and mass flows
  • Sankey diagram graphics export is quick and easy

Where do I find help when learning to use Umberto NXT MFCA?

  • The 3-part tutorial gives you step-by-step support when learning the software
  • The handbook lets you look up all basic methods and functions
  • If you are unable to solve a problem on your own, get help from the Umberto community at my.Umberto.deundefined
  • A training is included in the Umberto NXT MFCA package, to ensure the best start for your project. You can choose between a public training in Hamburg, web training and an in-house training (price deviation).

Can Umberto NXT MFCA be linked with other programs?

  • Using the Live Link to Microsoft Excel allow referencing cell values in Excel and link them to flows, coefficients or parameters in Umberto NXT models. Changes in the workbook are updated live.  
  • Interfaces to ERP systems such as SAP/R3 can be achieved through customizing Umberto
  • For the repeated transfer of large amounts of data into Umberto models from various data sources, the Umberto Customizing Team can develop a convenient solution