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Umberto Trainings

06/07/2016 to 06/08/2016

Umberto NXT CO2 training in Hamburg

This training provides you with the information how to model carbon footprints with our software.


06/14/2016 to 06/15/2016

Umberto NXT Efficiency training in Hamburg

2-day practical software training for modelling material and energy flows in a production process....


Transparently model and calculate material and energy flows in the production process and the associated cost - Umberto NXT EfficiencyCalculate the carbon footprint using a database with more than 3000 carbon rucksacks (GWP100a values) - Umberto NXT CO2 Intuitive modelling and calculation of a product life cycle assessment - with Umberto NXT LCACalculate environmental impacts, do Life Cycle Costing (LCC) and improve efficiency in production systems - with Umberto NXT Universal

Sustainability and productivity - one software for both goals

Combining environmental and cost perspectives in one model

Environmental impacts and costs in one model

With the combination of cost and environmental perspectives, synergies between efficiency improvements and measures to reduce environmental impact become visible. The basis for both are the material and energy flow models. They bring consistency and a common system understanding to all involved parties. This is how to implement eco-efficiency in your company.

Sankey Diagrams for a convincing and clear visualization

Innovations and ideas for improvement are often result of a dialog between all actors involved. The graphical Umberto model helps to visualize the system under study. Sankey diagrams draw attention to the hot spots where materials and energy are being wasted. The visualization supports identifying influencing parameters. Umberto NXT Universal - efficiency and environmental performance at a glance.

Depending on your project, either focus on the product view, or on the process (production) view

Running simulations - more reliability in planning

By running various scenarios in your model (e.g. for technology alternatives, light-weight materials, changes to price or demand, etc.) you will get a better basis for planning. Planned measures or changes to the production system can be analysed and assessed with regard to environmental life cycle cost and environmental impacts.

Make your production system more efficient, your products more eco-friendly

Depending on the emphasis of your project, use Umberto NXT Universal for Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) or material and energy flow studies with cost analysis. The software combines all features of Umberto NXT LCA and Umberto NXT Efficiency in one tool. Be prepared for all challenges on the way to a sustainable production.

Functions in Umberto NXT Universal

Which databases can I use in Umberto NXT Universal?

  • ecoinvent 3.2 with over 11500 data sets and ecoinvent 2.2 is integrated and directly usable
  • GaBi Professional and GaBi Extension databases optionally
  • All data are adaptable, transparent, and well documented
  • Original data remain visible to both users and reviewers
  • Build your own process data library: the module gallery lets you save and easily reuse individual processes and model sections for use in other models

What are my options when using Umberto NXT Universal for modeling?

  • Life cycle phases as graphic elements, adjustable in number and name
  • Linear and non-linear process specifications
  • Process specifications with user-defined functions allow the creation of realistic models by integrating technical knowledge of the processes
  • Freely defined parameters
  • Hierarchical modeling structure
  • Copy & paste and undo & redo functions are both fully available
  • Save partial models in the module gallery for later reuse
  • Integrate inventories and inventory changes
  • Export and Import of Linear Specifications as Excel file in the form of an aggregated input/output table
  • Specify processes programmatically using the Python programming language (e.g. scripting)

Which methods for Life Cycle Impact Assessment (LCIA) can I choose?

  • ReCiPe, Impact 2002+, Eco-Indicator 99, CML, TRACI, IPCC and many other indicator systems are integrated with the software
  • Individual KPIs of different indicator systems can be freely combined

What are my options when using cost calculation in Umberto NXT Universal?

  • Individual materials cost
  • Process costs
  • Free definition of cost types and cost plans
  • Assign fixed and variable costs to each cost factor
  • Unit cost accounting

What kind of reports can I generate to display analysis and results?

  • Mass and energy balances for the entire system as well as custom-defined sub-systems
  • Analysis based on processes, products, flows, and on variable thresholds
  • Display cost analysis in tables or graphs
  • Export to Excel of all analyses, LCIAs, and costs results
  • Sankey diagrams of total costs, cost of individual products, or of product unit costs
  • Sankey diagram graphics export is quick and easy when using the clipboard
  • If you are missing a specific report type, the Umberto Customizing Team will be happy to assist you in implementing it



Where do I find help when learning to use Umberto NXT Universal?

  • The tutorial allows learning the software with practical examples
  • Comprehensive user manual describing all functions of the software
  • Online help for quick answers
  • Get help from other users in the Umberto community at my.Umberto.deundefined
  • Public trainings, individual webtrainings, and in-house trainings are available

Can Umberto NXT Universal be linked with other programs?

  • Using the Live Link to Microsoft Excel allows referencing cell values in Excel and link them to flows, coefficients or parameters in Umberto NXT models. Changes in the workbook are updated live.  
  • Linking to ERP systems such as SAP/R3 and integration of specialized tools such as Aspen Plus® or CHEMCAD can be achieved through cooperation with our Umberto Customizing Team
  • A link to sustainability management tools such as WeSustain or Enablon can be achieved by the Umberto Customizing Team in cooperation with our partners
  • For the repeated transfer of large amounts of data into Umberto models from various data sources, the Umberto Customizing Team will develop a convenient solution

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